Tekno Label

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In line coating & pattern coating

Being a label printer as well as a converter brings enormous advantages to Tekno Label. By dealing directly with raw material supplier such as adhesive suppliers and paper mills brings our cost down. We are in a position to offer printed pressure sensitive labels at an extremely competitive cost. Beside the cost, which is an important factor in a decision making process, the fact that you could print on four different panels with the possibility to pattern coat are as well a great advantages for developing specialty labels.

Our pressure sensitive raw material standard are plus or minus 2% versus industry standard that are plus or minus 7% and even 10%. Each pressure sensitive roll produced by Tekno Label has been tested by our quality control. They are plenty of benefits to deal with a label printer who is as well a coating house.

For more information’s please contact one of our representative at (450) 449-5209 or send us an email at info@teknolabel.com.