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Speciality labels

Beside tire labels, specialty labels are definitely an area that we have expertise. The reason is very simple, whether we print, die-cut and adhesive coat is as easy for us that we adhesive coat, print and die-cut. Our servo motorized equipment’s gives us the opportunity to interchange all these technologies during the coating & printing processes. These innovative technologies does not limit your printing to face material only.

With the Tekno label innovative technologies, you can print on the face , under the adhesive, under the silicone of the release liner or behind the release liner. Four different print panels versus printing on the face material only. This opens up new opportunities and area to better feature your Corporate or your product image. We have been successful in shelf tag labels, laser sheet and adhesive pattern labels.

For further assistance, please contact one of our representative at (450) 449-5209 or send us an email at info@teknolabel.com.