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Tire Labels

Tire Labels
Tire labels are our specialty. Tekno Label is proud to offer its new Ooze Free Technology for all tire labels projects. This revolutionary technology creates 4 dry edges around the label without adhesive, eliminating all labelling problems encountered by tire manufacturers or distributors.

No more labels sticking to the back of the carrier or to the thermal transfer ink ribbon and no more adhesive residue in the printing and labelling machines therefore no more cleaning.

PatternThe Ooze Free Technology allows the use of bigger diameter rolls (up to 300mm) and thin filmic liner to increase the quantity of labels per roll. This translates into less roll changes, reduced down time and more efficient production line.

For warehouses and distribution centers, Tekno Label offers Film and Paper thermal labels with proprietary tire adhesive.

Ooze Free Tecknology PDF brochure

For further assistance, please contact one of our representative at (450) 449-5209 or send us an email at info@teknolabel.com.